Been a while since I’ve trotted out some Real-Life Horror for ya’ll, but I saw two things on the news that kind of fit together, so here goes.

  1. A 77-year old Missouri man and his four sons are being investigated after being accused of crimes against several children from 1988-95, to include making a female relative bang a dog. Nasty. I could think of a lot of fun things to do to those sick rednecks if they’re found guilty, but I’m sure none of them could scratch the surface of what they’re being accused of putting those kids through.
  2. Woman gets her face eaten off by a chimp, who had been diagnosed with Lyme disease and who had been given Xanax by its owner. This happened back in February, but I didn’t hear about it until yesterday, when I caught the Oprah show. Don’t click on that link if you get sick easily; her face looks awful… no eyes, nose or jaw. The poor woman can’t even shoot herself (and honestly, that’s what I’d do in her shoes… I just ain’t that strong) because she lost her hands in the attack, too. It’s a shame it happened to her instead of the obviously disturbed woman that owned the damned thing.

I feel bad for the victims involved, but tell me you couldn’t get a damned-good horror novel out of either of these. Until next time!

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