Heroes Reborn Revisited


I’ve written before about Heroeshow much I adored the first season, how disappointing the follow-ons were in comparison–and the closer we get to the relaunch, Heroes Reborn (anyone else think the title is extremely meta, by the way?) the more hope begins to swell in my breast.

“Whosoever holds this katana, if she be worthy, shall possess the power of Hiro.”

I don’t think at all that the superhero genre on television and film is going to die any time soon (the current slates for Marvel and DC easily put that thought to rest). However, there’s a sub-genre of the genre (which itself could be considered a sub-genre, but I digress) that could use some building up: original superhero material. By which I mean, of course, television and film not based on an existing comics property. Especially not based on one from the major companies, and already heavily exposed to the market.

I enjoyed the movie Hancock. I enjoyed Chronicle. For television, The Cape wasn’t too bad (though I’d probably have to watch through again to make sure it wasn’t simply a case of any port in a storm) and No Ordinary Family had potential (I still wish to God I could do something with that property). And I honestly think that more, and better stuff, in that vein would be a good way to capitalize on the existing trend without risking even more of a burnout with the fanbase then what’s already been predicted.

“Reunited, and it feels so goooood…”

My opinion is merely that of one man, of course, but it bodes well for my potential enjoyment of the show that I completely agree with some of the moves they’ve made early on. For instance, we knew pretty much that Horned Rim Glasses (HRG, or Noah, if you will) was coming back to the show. Later, Hiro Nakamura’s return was announced. They’d have likely had a hard time getting Zachary Quinto to reprise his role as Sylar even if the last couple seasons hadn’t completely boned the character. Likewise for Hayden Panettiere’s Claire Bennet, though how they’ll explain the lack of the latter gives me pause, considering HRG is her dad. We might not get Claire, but the other character that best makes sense when you consider HRG will be–Jimmy Jean Louis’ Haitian.  No other alumni returns have been announced, but the three we have remained popular throughout the original show’s run, and weren’t shit upon too heavily by the latter seasons’ writing.

My personal assessment of Heroes’ plunge hinges on two things that shouldn’t end up plaguing this new show: 1) the writer’s strike that completely screwed season two and 2) Creator Tim Kring’s departure from his original concept of each season being a completely different story with all-new characters. I can’t see him making the same mistake twice, personally–something that appears to bear out, with Reborn being advertised as a miniseries. Also, biting off small chunks at a time like this should help keep outside concerns from being big problems–if there was another disaster like the strike, they could simply push back the production of a second, separate miniseries.

All in all, I’m seriously excited about this, and you can totally expect I’ll be live-tweeting during every episode.