CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY? Cover Art and Table of Contents Revealed!

As of last night, the complete manuscript of my upcoming dark superhuman fiction anthology, CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY?, has been delivered to my publisher. Therefore, it is my distinct pleasure to unveil the project I’ve been laboring over since this past July. The authors below have amassed between them 84,300 words, or 22 stories superpowered awesomeness. And check out the badass cover art by Jessica Lucero This bad boy will be available March 2012 in paperback and digital formats from Damnation Books.

Tim Marquitz — Retribution
Weston Ochse — Hollywood Villainy
William Todd Rose — Mental Man
Jeremy Hepler — The Real Church
A.S. Fox — Ozymandias Revisited
Jason M. Tucker — Enlightened by Sin
Jeff Strand — The Origin of Slashy
Edward M. Erdelac — Conviction
Kris Ashton — Threshold
A.D. Spencer — Oily
Joe McKinney — Hero
Wayne Ligon — Pride
Malon Edwards — G-Child
Jason Gehlert — Static
Karina Fabian — Illusion
Warren Stockholm — Past Imperfect: A Scorpion Story
Anthony Laffan — Sabre  
Lee Mather — Crooked
Trisha J. Woodridge — Fixed
Cat Rambo — Acquainted With the Night  
Wayne Helge — Gone Rogue
Andrew Bourelle — Max and Rose