Story Publication/Acceptance, Book Talk


First off, The Late Late Show has accepted Organic and will be running it in January. You can catch this story now on the The World of Myth, but the LLS version will include a podcast, so definitely support that.

Secondly, Authors, Google Thyself!.� I do it every so often, and this time it revealed a story publication that I didn’t know about:

I had requested membership and sent them a story for their newsletter and recieved nothing back because of my ISP’s bogus email service. Taken care of now, but lesson learned, eh? And let me know what you think of the story, of course!

I’ve started sending out a tentacle or two about my own collection of short stories, tentatively titled Despairs & Delights. I’ve come around to thinking that approximately 10-15 short stories paired with Safeguard, my superhero novella, should make a decent debut. If Steve King’s kid can do it, why not me?

Still counting down the days until Our Shadows Speak becomes available? It’ll be out in time for stocking stuffing, even if it kills me!