Archive: Rush, by the Numbers


I’ll be in Salt Lake City from the 29th to the 1st, attending the World Horror Convention. I’ll have something from the archives for you here on the site each day, though. Today’s post is a quick recap of Rush’s TIME MACHINE Tour, which I attended in Atlanta in 2010. I was in Advanced Leaders’ Course (the old BNCOC for my O.G. military readers) at the time. I had to drive 2.5 hours to the show and another 2.5 back home after after being up since 5 AM, returning home just in time to nap for an hour before going to class again. I’d still like to torch the promoter who scheduled a RUSH concert in a major city on a WEDNESDAY.

I caught the Time Machine Tour in Atlanta last night. Instead of a long, detailed review (because honestly, the words nearly escape me), I’m going to do something different.

1. The guys were great. Slight variations on the way Geddy sang the songs, possibly a concession to the changes in his voice over the years. A refreshing update, in my opinion. Who wants to go to a show and hear an exact reproduction of a record? And lots of people accuse Rush of sounding just like their records anyhow. They’re wrong.

2. Whoever decided that a major act like RUSH should perform in a big city like ATLANTA on a WORKNIGHT should die in a fire. Srsly.

3. The Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Staff are fucking Nazis, which brings me to my next point,

4. Next time I’m buying a better seat.

5. Sparks alcoholic energy drinks? I wouldn’t feed them to a captive terrorist.

6. On the other hand, bringing my own booze and stuffing it down the front of my pants was definitely a good idea.

7. Highlights: Moving Pictures in it’s entirety, Presto, and Marathon (two of my favorite Rush songs EVAH.)

8. Not So Much: Puking in the portajohn because some asshole smoked a bowl in there and my stomach was already ready to go from the aforementioned Sparks drinks.

Finally, a couple of videos from the show. Not mine. That’s another thing I’m doing different next time.