Music to My Ears


Of course, this would have been a great post for the day after the Grammys, but I had something else to share with you then. So, you get it now. Instead of the playlist I offered last time, here’s a sampling of what’s on my iPod these days, in single-video format:

I love this music. Kind of has a bit of an Everlast vibe to it in the beginning, no? It’s the non-CeeLo half of Gnarls Barkley with an indie rocker named James Mercer that I’d never heard of before. Apparently, he fronts a band called the Shins. I’ll be checking them out soon.

I love Adele. Sure,  I could have posted the Grammy performance of Rolling in the Deep, but this comes with a bonus funny story. I had this song playing in the car with my wife and four year old son. He asked “What’s wrong with the lady?” and Connie said, “Nothing, she’s just singing.” He replied, “But she sounds sad,” to which my only possible answer was, “Because she’s covering the Cure, buddy.” Priceless. Kid totally understands it.

There’s definitely something to just sitting down with an old-fashioned instrument, learning to play it, and writing songs…hell, as a former bassist and drummer, I could never argue with that. But it definitely takes skill to throw down like Chromeo, too, and sync everything up live in front of a crowd. Awesome stuff.

Nellie McKay is another favorite. Her first album, Get Away From Me, is very folky and quaint. I also have her fifth album, Home Sweet Trailer park, of which this is probably the most radio-friendly track in terms of the different styles she exhibits.