At Random — 17 JAN 12


Random selections from yesterday’s research/derping around:


Photo by Dayna Smith

Dead Accident Victim to Be Sued For Flying Body Parts

The 18-year-old almost-passenger ran in front of a train in an attempt to catch another train and was hit by an Amtrak going 70mph. A big chunk of his body was thrown onto a platform 100 feet away where it knocked down a 58-year-old woman, breaking her leg and wrist.

Bionic Legs, i-Limbs, and Other Super Human Prostheses You’ll Envy

Pedicure costs drop 50% overnight. A pair of socks lasts twice as long. But Hugh Herr, the director of the Biomechatronics Group at the MIT Media Lab, goes a step further.

Touching → «Basketball Girl» Qian Hongyan

Qian Hongyan lost both her legs in an accident at only three years old in 2000. Hongyan’s family wasn’t wealth enough to provide her with hi-tech equipment to help her walk, so they gave her a basketball to help her move. Hongyan used brushes as low-level crutches. She was able to travel to and from home and school by bouncing on the basketball. Five years later, doctors were finally been able to give her prosthetic legs.